The Half Shave

By: Gustav Hoiland

Aug 26 2010

Category: self portrait

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Focal Length:105mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Flash Experimentation Continued

Whilst the stream from my shower head did its magic after a double shift in the warehouse today, I remembered I had to shave and somehow that brought me to thinking of shooting some closeups with a flash of … well, a half shaved lower facial region. I also remembered some head-centric shots from a year or so ago that I really liked and wanted to see if I could create that look again.

Looking at this final image the whole shaving thing really doesn’t seem at all relevant. It’s barely even noticeable to me. On the right side there’s some meager whiskers taking their sweet time not growing into a lush beard. On the left… well there’s still tons of black tips of hair that have been significantly cut down, but they’re still around.

I haven’t decided if the two drops of water on the left are distracting and detract from the image as a whole, or if they add a bit of character to it. They certainly make it clear that yes, the face has very recently been exposed to water, though this can be seen if you look closely enough from the kind of glossiness around and how light perhaps hits everything.

I really like the shadow under the nose, or rather that the nostrils are completely blacked out. Very simple look to achieve that also blackens out everything beneath the chin (depending on how exactly you do it) and also between the lips and below the bottom lip unit. I’m not sure if it’s a dramatic thing or if it somehow makes the image pop a bit more. Seems a bit more intense, like there’s very strong overhead lights. Interrogators in movies always seem to be lit harshly from above.

If you’re curious to see how incredibly detailed the full resolution photo is, revel in the newfound sight of thousands of hairs all over the human face that are usually completely invisible to the human eye due to… well, their tiny nature. Not at the following link though. They’re in full bloom there.

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