White Walls Unbalanced

By: Gustav Hoiland

Aug 25 2010

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Category: lensbaby, self portrait

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

In the Chair

Le Blog de Self Portraits continues its reign as I continue to … well, shoot more of me passing the time in my apartment in the faraway suburban lands that surround every big city in this here nation. I people-watched (or rather keenly observed, seeking fleeting moments of visual beauty) on a corner in the heart of Naperville for a half’n hour or so today as well and saw some fair stuff there, but alas the gus-centric images win out.

I’ve noticed that my love for photos that have the blue/orange (cool/warm) contrast follow me into studio environments, or rather I’ve realized it doesn’t take direct sunlight and a blue sky to get it. Yesterday’s photo had a flash bouncing off of a giant gold reflector, so when you unbalance the flash’s “white” into blue territory, you still have some warmth from the reflection. Here the left-side yellow is actually an out of focus wall lit by an incandescent light in my kitchen while the wall behind me was lit by an external flash held in my unseen arm aimed right at the wall. I like how the warmth in this image resembles the burn-out that can happen to frames of 35mm film if there’s a light leak or other exposure beyond what comes through the shutter.

This was my first attempt at using my new Lensbaby glass while shooting on a timer. The lens is essentially spring loaded and it takes two fingers and a camera mashed hard against your brow to move the focus around and position the blur accordingly. So I had to use the locking feature that allows you to fine tune what you want, freeze it like that, and step away. I would have to shoot test shots to see where the sharp parts of the image were and then adjust my pose to try’n get my head in focus, as I guess that was what I wanted at the time. This image came after figuring out the sharpest point of the image was not where my head would normally comfortably find itself, so I’m literally trying to crunch myself into focus.

Ten minutes here’n there of self portraiture experimentation continues to produce some really surprising and great results.

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