Neon Cleaners

By: Gustav Hoiland

Aug 22 2010

Category: lensbaby, street

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Corner Talk

The Lensbaby mayhem continues, and will likely go on for a while as I’ve built up quite the stash of post-able photos in the past couple days under the new-lens influence.

Unlike the previous few, this one is less immediately distinguishable as being the result of the selective focus lens. By that I mean there aren’t the glaring oversized oval shaped blurs of light everywhere, or rather concentrated on the out of focus side of the frame. There are a couple floating around, but they aren’t the defining feature here. As I’ve noticed, it’s very easy to slip into just shooting neat assortments of christmas-ornament-like light.

I feel like this photo is really about the two people on the corner having a late-evening conversation. The question is, do they stand out enough? He’s got a white shirt but otherwise blends into the background, though she has some more favorable outlines. They, the people, make this photo about a moment instead of just being the same’ol street corner night after night.

And the color’s really neat, at least one one of my monitors (sigh…). That kind of lingering blue-toned magenta that spills into everything, cast from the neon window signage. It doesn’t look perhaps so stylized in real life, but alas, I think this photo captures the mood perfectly.

Just observin’

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