Corner Talk

By: Gustav Hoiland

Aug 21 2010

Category: lensbaby, street

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

De-warmed Tones

Lolled around the downtown of Naperville again, this time in the post-sun-illuminated era of the day. While quaint and nice in its own right, the heart of Naperville is just too darned small for me. From the center of it, a single SoHo-esque block extends in each direction and then promptly ends, melding into the grid of lawns and single family homes. I’m having Manhattan withdrawals again.

So the egg-blur’d light effect is much more prominent in nightly photos where there are streetlights aplenty, head and tail lights, etc… The problem I initially ran into early on in my wandering was that I wasn’t really putting anything else in the frame. I just figured out a way to make the lights look extra cool and… well that’s just not enough for me. So then I started shooting stuff like this one.

I cooled this image off significantly and it’s really giving my eye a good vibe. There’s just enough warmth in the skin tones of the citizens on the right to have some non-purply-blueish contrast going on here. Perhaps a bit overkill actually, but heck, all I ever do is warm things up. I’m sticking with this for this photo. Reminds me of winter, like a daytime snowfall where there’s the slight bluishness to the fleeting flakes until darkness creeps in and the incandescence of streetlights turns everything orange.

More Lensbaby to come!

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