Lensbaby Reborn

By: Gustav Hoiland

Aug 20 2010

Category: lensbaby, street

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Just the Beginning

I’ve been out the past couple days walking and shooting after getting a most pleasant package delivered. The kind folks over at LENSBABY comped me one of their top-of-the-line Control Freak lenses after they used some of my Lensbaby video work in a demo reel at a trade show (Cinegear) – http://vimeo.com/10195875 (that’s the movie, just one of many!). And for those who don’t know what a Lensbaby is, or what it looks like, look no further than this – http://lensbaby.com/lenses-controlfreak.php

Enough! Onto the image. I’ve been in vanishing-point-seeking mode perhaps more than normal as of late, perhaps unconsciously, as I keep seeing them playing important compositional roles in my photos. While the lines themselves aren’t particularly strong here, they still make it happen (the blurry painted street lines gradually start to converge). Most interestingly the sky is turned into a vanishing point… device? Since the road is lined by trees on both sides, the sky almost acts like a plain’ol ceiling. I’ll have to make a mental note of that.

Agh, the wonderful eggs of warply blurred lights! That might be my favorite darned part about the lens. You can get some stuff greatly focused and then get these wild pops of color to blanket the other side of the image. I especially like the little rim around each of them in a slightly different shade of whatever color it is. If you click on the “Lensbaby” category at the bottom left of this page you’ll find some much more extreme examples of what I’m talking about here.

Anyhoo, Thanks Lensbaby! For my fellow photographers out there, these lenses are cheap cheap cheap compared to any Canon or Nikon glass out there, and if you’re stymied in your photographic practice… well, borrow one from the NU photo lab if you’re curious!


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