A Catchy Aesthetic

By: Gustav Hoiland

Aug 19 2010

Category: ocean travel

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Colored Grays

I’m not entirely sure where I’ve seen this look before. The first thing it reminds me is video games. Not sure why. I guess it seems kind of hyper-realistic perhaps. Maybe it’s the near black and white of it, with that very subtle green and red messing with my head. Whatever it is, it really caught my eye.

Part of the reason this photo is working for me is the distortion of it all. The primary container there is, when not viewed from this angle, just a plain’ol rectangle. But here it’s squished and otherwise not its real self. I suppose the unlevelness of the camera could be contributing to this.

Also it’s the busyness of it all. Lines every which way, some lighter, some darker. All of this overbuilt industrial steel. And that one tiny piece of rope in the middle near the right side of the frame.

Ahhh, oceanic logistics.

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