Power Line Sunset

By: Gustav Hoiland

Aug 16 2010

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Focal Length:75mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Atomic Horizon

While I tend to frown on shooting sunsets or any other stereotypically beautiful moments, I couldn’t help myself here. And my friend was late for dinner so I was stuck in a sprawling parking lot for ten minutes with a camera readily available. I’ll usually go so far as to not shoot a sunset that’s presented to me if someone suggest I do. It is perhaps the most irritating thing, though really it’s just a minor infraction, and people can be forgiven for thinking that photography is synonymous with an insatiable desire to capture pretty clouds for eternity. To be honest, the bulk of my recent photographic work has been done in my darkened apartment, playing with the composition of differently shaded walls and my refrigerator door. And I wonder, why don’t visitors aggressively encourage me to take advantage of the splendid vanishing-point-creating cabinets in my kitchen?

As you can hopefully see, this photo isn’t solely about the wondrous fringe of the back-lit edges of clouds. They certainly play into the composition, but alas so do the power lines. And the deeper and softer body of the cloud. And that dreamsiccle colored sky beneath. Yes! By god there is composition here! Of course I don’t mean to rag on people who love shooting such moments, especially those who are particularly good at it.

I suppose I’ve covered most of it then. I’ll take a moment to gush about the color – isn’t it lovely? – but will also wreck that by saying it was modified to a noticeable degree with my good friend Camera Raw. And for this non-classic sunset photo, that’s fine with me! If the entire photo were about the sunset though… somehow I think it’s somehow dishonest to turn the glory up to 11. If it’s about the sunset, let it be an accurate representation. If it’s about subtly curving lines that create some deeper space, about the interplay between a standard sky and an inferno of a horizon, and yadda yadda yadaaa.. I’ve worn myself out preaching here.

Enough! Shoot whatever you want!

One comment on “Power Line Sunset”

  1. agreed! shoot what you want haha.
    typical shots are typical for a reason —

    nice job making this sunset yours.

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