Blondes on Benches

By: Gustav Hoiland

Aug 13 2010

Category: fashion, portrait

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Focal Length:38mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Stone Laughter

Another testament to the importance of asking (demanding) a colleague to take a break from the conversational walk you’re sharing to (please) participate in a quick photo shoot. Zero production value here – it’s just found light, a found bench, and a wonderful smile. While I most enjoy some of the images borne from high-budget shoots (like Leibovitz’s photo of Mr. Clooney HERE), that’s a bit out of my range for now.

So there’s this progression from black pants to white top to skin-surrounded smile to downshot hair golden hair. And it’s all set against this kind of moody earth toned background, textured with lichen and who knows what else. All atop this smooth white stone bench with its subtle styling lines. And the cream shoes that bring the form back from the blackness to finish it off.

Yadda yadda yadda. The power of the image I think comes from the immediate punch from seeing a very busy and filled up frame. The first point of interest of course is the super bright light on the chest, kind of up to the right in the frame. Now that I thin about it most of the action is on the right half of the frame. All the left has is a ^ shape from legs and some shoes while the right side is flush with details and energy.

Her left hand at the square angle to her side is really a clincher here for the image. It is the reason the elbow dips down and below the bench and rise back up. While I see people stand like that, or at least pose when upright with that gesture, it seems normal if a bit for-the-camera. But while laying down on a bench? Wouldn’t have thought of that myself. But gal’darnit it works.

Benches found on walks on ancient Chinese walls apparently work wonders for my images.

One comment on “Blondes on Benches”

  1. Yo can I get her number?

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