Pop Tart Processing

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jul 24 2010

Category: bike polo

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Focal Length:44mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Six Players

All week I have been lagging the motivation needed to tear through all of my tournament photos and put together what will be the lasting collection from the entire batch. It’s a big project, say perhaps a dozen hours all said and done, and I’ve been slowly chipping away at it. Posting an image a day here, deleting the unsuccessful gigabyte or two of images, etc…

And then it happened. The awakening. The experiment borne from frustration that landed a most striking aesthetic before my very eyes. Though created at by my own fingertips, I call it an act of Darwin. (That phrase just popped into my head after thinking “act of god” but wanting to resist that overused word sequence)…(but it actually kind of makes sense, because) This oddity thrown into the pool of my images – that I had thus far created with my somewhat refined warm and semi dramatic and moody aesthetic – threw my brain for a spin. For the next two+ hours straight (delaying dinner, despite being hungry from the get go) I rampaged through my library and revamped everything.

Though I was excited to have the final product done with in due time – likely a PDF collection like I’ve done before – I was kind of dreading putting it all together. But no longer. Now, before I drop into the realm of dark uncontrolled possibility (sleep), I’m most giddy about finishing up the images and starting the choosing and sequencing process.

The Pop Tart reference came from a conversation I was having with my brother while editing. When he inquired as to what look I had stumbled on, I couldn’t think of how to describe it. So I just said, “It’s more processed than a Pop Tart.” Also I had the divine pleasure of devouring genuine Pop Tart this morning while making up work time taken off for this very tournament.

IMAGE-WISE, this one just stood out to me in the 100 or so that I’ve narrowed down. All six players are present in the frame. The foreground hands are really working for me. The tree on the top right somehow is also helping me out. The thin wall of incomplete spectators that slinks up the left side of the frame is also kind of neat. Yaddayaddayadda

One comment on “Pop Tart Processing”

  1. i like the confidence the players are showing.
    all of them. drew knows ringer has that ball [that anyone who plays polo knows is right there, below the boards that creep up the left hand side of this photo]. and ringer knows he has it too.
    aj is watching with a very calm expression. he knows ringer has it and is waiting on his next move.
    mike is doing what he’s supposed to do: let the boys “do what they do” [which i had the personal pleasure of hearing minimike say to mike t. whilst behind the goal offering support, admiration, instinct, and coaching]. the other two are open for both of their teams. great shot [for polo].
    i also like the romanticism that is cecily on the left sideline, wearing the green/white printed dress [also because i had the pleasure of standing next to her for that game].

    i am personally connected to this photo [based on all of my own remembrances of the NA’s mentioned], but nonetheless it is a great photo. the colors really work [with the heat of the day and the passion that both teams displayed in that game.] again, personal.

    gus you are a superb photographer, it’s great knowing that you play well and shoot well for this sport. thanks for sharing!

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