FBM’s Polo Prototype

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jul 21 2010

Category: bike polo


Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80
Tournament Product Testing

Behold the glory of FBM’s first go at a polo specific frame. It’s a one-off concept frame at the moment (or so I think I heard), ridden here by Nick from Richmond. I had a go on it and it felt mad wonderful. I’ll admit I’ve been somewhat enamored with FBM Bikes (Fat Bald Men) ever since I saw their “I Love My Bicycle” Documentary at the Bicycle Film Festival and have heard only praise for the goods they churn out.

Check out the “FBM POLO BIKE” page (link at top right, or CLICK HERE) for a bunch more photos of the setup in action and off-court.

Onto the above photo. I’m a big fan of the plainness of the background. Most game play shots I see are littered with sparse pockets of spectators, ugly condos and a whole manner of other garbage that contributes nothing to the photo while bringing great pain to my retinas. I mean that stuff’s all well and good if it’s about the polo, not the photo, but on this here site, it’s about the photo!

So the positioning of the three riders is working pretty well for me, though I wish Nick’s glove were in a bit tighter, or Capriotti (right rider) were somehow not behind it. But given the state of the image, I actually kind of like how the glove really stands out in its sharpness against… no… no I don’t like anything about that aspect. Not right now at least. Maybe it’ll grow on me. (Maybe not)

Most importantly however is Hand Left. I take no credit for placing that in the frame, but we’re stuck with it, and by god I love it. I’ve been working a lot with placing unfocused foreground objects in my images as of late, and this is the icing on that cake. The light is great on it. The posture of the fingers. The golden ratio-ish curve that begins on the sleeved forearm and pulls all the way around into the pinky.

Enough! Oogle FBM’s new polo machine on the FBM POLO BIKE page if you so desire. But use the bathroom first.

4 comments on “FBM’s Polo Prototype”

  1. honestly i think you should crop the hand out. the entire frame is full of polo bikes and players and then there is a random hand coming out from the side of the frame. cut it, and it will be a stronger photo. unless your coming from a fine art perspective, which in that case i should keep my mouth shut on it.

  2. you want to cut out doug d.’s hand…!?!

  3. As a polo photo I agree that it would indeed be stronger with the hand cut out (unless it were holding a beer, were heavily tattooed, had a mallet, stopwatch or something… but here it’s just a hand + sleeve).

    I wouldn’t go so far as to call this “fine art,” rather it’s just what I find most visually interesting/appealing. Also, like Boulder noticed below, it is the hand of Doug D, one of polo’s more prominent players. Kind of an insider’s detail.

  4. that right there is the championship team. nicely done gus.

    also. doug’s hand looks very feminine in this photo. ha. love it.

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