Sun Spectators

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jul 19 2010

Category: bike polo, fashion

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Focal Length:48mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

NAHBPC from Behind

This photo is a continuation of a project I started at ESPI 5 back in Brooklyn not too long ago. By that I mean I shot about thirty photos just like this three weeks ago and never got around to compiling them like I did with yesterday’s sunglasses collection. Perhaps post-day-job photo editing sessions in the near soon will bring such a set to fruition. And all will rejoice. And I will slip into my suburban slumber most satisfied. But not tonight, kiddo. You’re stuck with just this one.

This image, like all in the series, was born from my desire to shoot people that have  unknowingly become entangled in a moment that yours truly declares to be a glimpse of fashion. They didn’t see it coming, and may never see the result, much less make it through that long mess of a previous sentence that you had to slog through. Sorry about that. I just had to get it all out in one breath.

But this image. This is working for me. I don’t know if there’s a particular focal point, but in some rudimentary tests I have determined that it may well be his back. Not entirely sure how that wins out over the other elements here, but on the plus side I just noticed the subtle tan lines from the sleeveless shirt he was wearing earlier.

I think a big draw for me towards this image (and its brethren) is that it gives you all the time in the world to compare two people. What they’re wearing. Their posture. Where they plant their weight. Their height. Their hair. yadda yadda yadda. You can look as far into it as you want (and notice the way her shorts fade from blue into black and then hit that bright strip of interior denim, the three dimensionality of his shoes, the sunglasses in her hand, the wood piece in the bottom left corner…), or… well I’ve lost the thought.

Mostly it just feels great to be out of that unrelenting sun. All three 10am-sunset days of it.

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