le Tournament de Sunglasses

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jul 19 2010

Category: bike polo, fashion

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nahbpc_sunglasses (click this link to open the PDF, either in your browser or as a download)



Following up on Friday’s preview of the sunglasses compilation, I present a whole eleven pages of stylish shades. If you were at the tournament and were wearing sunglasses Friday, there’s about a 40% chance you’re in this little PDF.

Hope it kind of speaks for itself (translation: I need sleep. now.) There’s a little blurb on the final page that should bring some sense to it. Maybe.

Also, this admittedly isn’t 100% polished to layout/gdesign, photo, and textural perfection. It’s darn good, but if you’re a snob on designy consistency and other … I don’t know… I don’t think any of the polo players this is really meant for are like that. If so, get over it! I just wanted to get it done tonight and into the hands sore from swinging mallets for the last three days.

One comment on “le Tournament de Sunglasses”

  1. […] on for the team. recap with photos espn web article <-of course espn had to get in on the fun slick shades <- and for some reason gus legit from boston decided to do a sunglasses montage of sexy polo […]

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