Muscle and Chrome

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jul 14 2010

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Focal Length:31mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

The Wednesday Car Meet Up

So I couldn’t figure out how to get into my building’s laundry facility. Thankfully there was a laundromat across the street, conveniently providing me with a location to launder my garments. On my journey to the stoplight I noticed from afar a gathering of citizens in a parking lot that was usually empty. Once my first laundrious duties were satisfied, I had about forty minutes to burn and headed over, camera in hand.

I ended up shooting a couple of cars from this same angle with varying degrees of success. The main challenge, as I’ve noticed in product-based street photography, isn’t so much getting the subject right but rather the background. This one worked great. Not perfect, but close. Yesterday’s post on the other hand… the subject was great but the background terrible.

As far as this image is concerned, it is dominated by this sturdy chrome horizontal element. I’m not sure if all of the parallel lines inside of it make it stronger, or if they’re just a nice flourish. I suspect they help.

From there there’s their repetition that… (distracted writer struggles to fit even more continuous “there” ‘s)…

What I was trying to say was the tire on the bottom left is a nice perpendicular piece with similar parallel lines and whatnot. Do you get the feeling that the car sans-tire would still just be floating where it is? Somehow this photo makes it seem like the wheel has nothing to do with supporting body. None of its mass is sinking down, but rather its weight seems to be thrust out of the photograph towards you.

Then of course there’s the great curvy flourishes that surround everything, the glint in the rear view mirror, the texture in the asphalt, the flood light, the line that shows where the hood starts… All nice little details that spruce it up.

2 comments on “Muscle and Chrome”

  1. this is fucking awesome man !

    • Thanks Luis! I spent a ton of time on your FreakStreets blog after you first linked to me, really great stuff. The “Sleeping mother” at the airport is especially nice. Keep it up!

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