The Dare Obligation

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jul 13 2010

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Category: portrait

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Focal Length:66mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Hand in Hair

Whilst walking through a suburban downtown, or rather taking an extended lean on a light pole at a pleasant intersection, I experienced a bit of Shanghai right here at home. See, Chinese university girls are powerfully drawn to tall white men that are standing around with large cameras with seemingly nowhere better to be. Unlike the woman above, their motive isn’t to avoid the shame from friends for backing out on a dare. Likewise, I suspect the woman above’s primary desire wasn’t to improve her English by speaking with a bonafide American.

Whatever the case, I turned the conversation from embarrassed (or at least anxiously uneasy) banter into a quick photo shoot with the same qualities. The main difference from my normal experience of course being that I didn’t start this conversation, and it wasn’t started by her with the intention of getting her photo taken. Her and her friends had actually caught my eye (three trendy girls hanging around on an electrical box with a great vanishing-point-laden-backdrop of boutique storefronts etc…), but having seen each other but not really acknowledged it… not the right point for shooting. Either the subject is oblivious or there’s been a clear exchange of “yes I’m going to photo you, and you’re ok with it”)

Ramble ramble ramble enough! I gotta cook.

Long story short, quick street portrait. Turned out well, or close to it. And totally forgot to mention the difference between the photos. Got the first one to that point, then took the other one in a different direction. The top one works for me more than bottom.

Hunger calls.

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