High Ceilings

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jul 08 2010

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:3 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Just Talking on the Phone

Here in Naperville, horizontal blinds are the norm. Massive. Horizontal. Blinds. And carpeted walls that stretch to ceilings unseen by a petty 18mm wide angle lens. This ain’t Boston no more, kiddo.

What I like most here is that once you cock your head to the side to see it as it perhaps existed in reality, that new image doesn’t look right. What it looks like unturned looks less natural than this augmented rotation. I think there’s a couple reasons why.

First is the fact that the figure (yours truly) looks natural in that stance. Sure my posture isn’t that bent over when I’m normally talking on my phone, but the distance between the feet makes it look like I’m really standing there. I didn’t try with legs together, but I suspect it would be less convincing.

Second, we’ve got this blinding light coming right through the window at us and it’s casting a shadow onto the wall/carpet. It’s perhaps subtler, but I think it tricks your unconscious into thinking off the bat that it’s just some dude standing.

Finally, assuming the 90 degree flip is natural, the perspective here is really racking my brain. It appears to be from so high up because the figure is small and we’re looking down on him. But the wall (carpet) comes so close you can see the texture in it which makes it feel right at arms length. I guess the distance from this close carpet to the tiny feet way down there just doesn’t mesh in my mind.


One comment on “High Ceilings”

  1. So awesome! I like that there’s an electrical socket in the floor. Stick some posters to the carpet, and glue a chair to the wall.

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