By: Gustav Hoiland

Jun 24 2010

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

June 10 - Applied Creativity

I photograph all the notes I take. I have been for years. Today was the day that I tore through about twelve notebooks, shooting in rapid succession every page I wrote on for the last six months. Why? Partly because I want to preserve the knowledge that I’ve had the pleasure of absorbing. Other partly because I’m something of a packrat, but I’ve noticed that if I get a digital copy of something I can easily let it go. Suffice to say I have huge volumes of my possessions on little tiny hard drives which are much easier to move than … well, the clutter that I have to fight away. This part of it is largely motivated by the fact that I’ve been moving to new locations, both across towns, countries, and the world, every six months for the past two years and will continue to for at least the next year.

I found something strangely beautiful about this image. Not necessarily this image itself, but the images I was creating in general, though their purpose is 100% documentary. I turned them all black and white, cranked up the blacks to get the text sharp, contrasted everything to further make stuff readable, reverse lens vignetted it, etc.

That hand is particularly nice. It’s blurred because this was probably 1/50 shutter speed or so, and I would whip the page across with my right hand and hit the shutter button with my left while reaching for the next page again with my right.

There’s also a very do-it-yourself vibe to this, I mean this clearly isn’t a professional operation. The brackets around the notebook are sloppily scrawled in sharpie. There’s a tiny black dot at each corner, showing the edge of the frame/the camera’s view. Also the camera was more towards the top of the page here, so everything has these minor vanishing points on’em, and the bottom of the page looks somehow further away than the “June 10” written at the top.

Finally, it’s always fun to experiment with the setup for this all. The background is a piece of bristol painting paper laying on a coffee table. I have a tripod setup with the camera hanging off the bottom of it, with two of the legs on the table itself and another sprawled off under a couch. I used my light stand to serve as something to clip a desk lamp to. In fact, I was so enamored with the setup that I couldn’t help but photograph it! See it in all its makeshift glory HERE.

Paper, man.

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  1. I’m three pics into your work and am truly inspired! The incite into your DIY process from notebook to what I see and read is remarkable. COUNT IT!!

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