Observation Deck

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jun 19 2010

Category: china, self portrait

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Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:30 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Waiting for the Elevator

I love this photo. Straight up, I just adore it. It’s from one of my first weeks in Shanghai. The whole class went to the new tallest building on the skyline (this one (click!)) to oogle the crazy lights of the city at night. While waiting for the elevator I noticed the ceiling was completely mirrored and promptly planted my tripod to get a shot of the wonders above. I think it was a twenty second exposure, during which time I tried to stay as perfectly still as I could while getting strange looks aplenty from the elevator guardian and my peers.

The black strip is the only non-mirrored thing here, with that great sunburst being a light that’s pointed right down at me. To the left was a mirror that I think was totally flat and allowed you to just see yourself. To the right… I think that was all angled so you could see out some of the windows. So – strange perspective, one of my favorite things to make in photos.

The color’s pretty rad too. On the left it’s like this golden glow that’s really just some white tiles under the halogen glow. On the right there’s all manner of blues and reds and even some purple. Both of these sections have a fair amount of non-reflective metal in all manner of geometric shapes.

I think the elevator opened up and the crowd pushed in right after the shutter closed. Maybe not. Maybe that’s just … who knows, some exaggeration that slips into my conversation with my keyboard.

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