By: Gustav Hoiland

Jun 12 2010

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Focal Length:31mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80
That Wonderful Chair

I was cruising the fashion blogs again and found something that inspired me to overlay some type on a portrait, and voila! Dug up an old shot, played around with it for an hour, and got this. While I’m not entirely satisfied, this result has grown on me.

So the photo itself is really made by that wonderful expression on her. Perhaps “wonderful” is just my reaction to it, or my delayed reaction to it as I almost skipped over this while doing the faster-than-my-heartbeat-browsing through a pile of potential photos. It was a bit tricky to work the type around the face (I tried putting one of the O’s around it among other things), though it looks fine to me now.

Color: Pink. tan/gold, cream. I really, really, really like it (reference to David Foster Wallace’s conversational voice). It screams luxury to me, at least when combined with the subject matter at hand. Now that I think of it I don’t recall seeing many images in this palette, though perhaps I’m just tired.

Ok ok ok. The good stuff. The subject and its composition. Excited girl in great dress in sassy pose within a cloud of black comfort on maple hardwood and off-white wall with handbag in corner. Her head is right at the intersection of the black and white domains, which I suspect intensifies the draw to it. The angle of the head is really working for me, perhaps because it’s to the right of the center but is turning inward. The body draws from upper 1/3 right to bottom left corner in a wonderful journey from hair to arms to dress to leg and foot.

I hope she’s not too embarrassed by this…

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