By: Gustav Hoiland

Jun 11 2010

Category: night light, portrait

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:2.5 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Happy Birthday Gaurk!

Hey Michael. Hows the birthday? I can’t stop laughing looking at this photo. I had to take two, count that, TWO breaks from writing this sentence to quell my laugh so that I could forge ahead on the keyboard. I was going to post the photo where the lights are reflecting on your glasses, but then I figured you’d seen that before so that’s a crappy birthday present. Then I found this in the same set. Possibly the best discovery I’ve made since starting this blog. Thank you.

So the insanity laden fellow just left of the center of the frame is the above mentioned GAURK (see some of his great work HERE). Don’t stare into those possessed eyes for too long. Be thankful you can’t hear that demonic cackle that surrounds the soul from all directions, piercing all morals and eradicating sanity in one fell swoop. No matter where you look, he is above you, staring ever so slightly down into your frightened eyes. Or maybe he’s just looking down your shirt. That might explain the maniacal happiness that I’ve mistaken for all that hell stuff.

So this was shot at the Uptown Theater in Minneapolis, a great independent monument to the moving picture. It’s got a huge awning flush with hundreds of lights which is precisely what you see here. I suspect I shot him with flash and then tipped  the camera up and shook it a bit. If you’re a long time follower you’ve probably seen a couple of my forays into long exposure light play (seen under the “night light” category). Suffice to say I love this stuff, especially when I can squeeze a Gaurk into it.

Happy Birthday!

One comment on “WELCOME TO HELL”

  1. Thanks Gus! Because you’re such a swell guy, I promise not to steal your soul.

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