Describe the Fauna – Video Still

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jun 10 2010

Category: fashion, lensbaby

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Zivi and Kelsey of Describe the Fauna (click here) just had an opening party at Karma Loop for the work they now have hanging in the boutique, a super trendy haunt in the thick of Newbury Street. The kind of place with elaborate velvety wallpaper and display cases full of designer headphones and sunglasses like these. Very cool indeed.

During a “deep muscle relaxation” exercise today in my organizational behavior class it occurred to me that this would be a perfect event to shoot at, given my desire to get some experience filming events and whatnot. Unfortunately this popped me out of the mystical trance that the professor was trying to woo the class into. On the brighter side, I got some killer footage filming with a Canon 5dmII and a Lensbaby (this time the “composer” lens). The combination of those two pieces of wonder is nothing short of high level impressivity, both to me and everyone curious about the strange lens (one of the Karma Loop guys hinted that he’d love to have me back to shoot more events and was sorely disappointed when I said I’d be gone to Chicago in a couple weeks).

So the image! It’s a single frame from some of the footage. There’s a glass pane in front of the glasses that’s reflecting some bright track lighting which is getting turned into these great ovals of orange. The red wallpaper really amps up the energy. And those glasses! Something in me really wants them to wear at bike polo or maybe in class. Somewhere completely out of place.

What I’m not so sure about is the slight unlevelness here. In one sense it makes the image more dynamic (the shelf isn’t perfectly horizontal), but it also kind of nags at my eyes. Maybe if it were more pronounced it would be both more effective and wouldn’t be unsettling. It’s like horizon lines that are ever so slightly off kilter that most people wouldn’t notice but just make the image “not look right.”

Thanks DTF & Karma Loop!

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