Golden Rope

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jun 09 2010

Category: ocean travel

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Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80


These are big ropes. Think like, maybe six inches in diameter. Like you could barely get a big hand halfway around it. Ropes of such gusto can be found on container ships and probably other otherworldly-large vessels that roam the blue. I suspect their role is fairly passive though, as the deepwater sea ports all have huge wave breakers and … well, I’m not sure. All I know is there’s no way one of these things could hold the ship’s four-story engine back. Yes, the engine room is like a big series of catwalks surrounding a forty foot tall internal combustion engine.

So the color has been made glamorous. It’s like bling rope. Except in reality it was kind of a light pink that had faded into a dirty white with the nylon (or other type of plastic) threads within maintaining a cleaner white. I shot a couple self portraits in front of this and my skin tone was like the rope here but way more tanned/goldened’ out. Ramble ramble ramble…

I suppose it caught my eye recently because it reminds me of the super trendy web design technique as of late that uses wood paneling as the background to the site. Sometimes a dark, well varnished cherry, other times a blackened wood, still with grain. I find this similar. It’s like a bunch of planks of a repeating pattern, each section with its own unique grain.


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