By: Gustav Hoiland

May 26 2010

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Focal Length:52mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80
Mass Art Fashion Show (Fabrication)

More type exploration. This time paired with a photo I shot whilst at my first runway fashion show at Mass Art. Like much of my work, I’m not entirely sure what I’ve created, but gall darn’it, I like it. The model here was lightly touched up while the rest of everything got a major overhaul in Camera Raw and Photoshop.

I played around with a single word for a while and then just started multiplying it until I got to this point. Working with type and other graphic design elements is a very interesting process for me, I think largely because I don’t have much of any training or experience toying around with it. I guess I’ve learned the basics (dynamic vs. static, etc…), but have not had much in terms of guidance or critiques on work like this.

I like the movement in the image. She’s anchored with both feet on the ground yet clearly in motion. The WALK’s are coming off of her at an angle, somehow complementing her stride that’s not just pushing forward but also upward, at least in this frame.  The bulging wood on the left gives a nice push to her as well, almost like speed lines behind Calvin’s wagon as he tears down hillsides, Hobbes in tow. Well, certainly more subtle than that, but significant nonetheless.

Color. I don’t have much to say beyond my great like of it. The subtle tones of everything compared to the graphic nature of the white stripes below and bright letters somehow works for me, though I’d like to know why.

And yes, the bulging wood is just the non-bulging wood cloned and moved over a bit. I didn’t think it was too easily recognized until I started looking at it again. I cloned out a bunch of the similarities, but alas there’s clearly a dozen more that make it clear what was done. If you’re a forensic photoshopper, that is.

Ahhhh, Photoshop.

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