His First 21st

By: Gustav Hoiland

May 17 2010

Category: new york

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Bar Shooting

Whilst in NYC last Wednesday I attended a birthday gathering of sorts at a quaint little bar in Manhattan with most comfortable red leather booth seating. The 21ster was a friend of a friend and when it was time for tequila shots I was enlisted to shoot it up. May this memory be preserved forever.

As far as shooting technique, this was rapid fire shuttering, trying to capture Man Center’s journey through the turmoil of tequila. I didn’t actually know whose birthday it was (Man Left), and unfortunately he was omitted from a bunch of the frames before I pulled into wideangleness for the full spectrum of tipsy twentysomethings.

Before passing it along I figured I’d try my hand at dressing it up with some type. I quite like how it turned out. It’s big enough to get the point across at a glance. The center color, borrowed from Man Center’s shirt, fits the mood and the “outer glow” as it’s called gives the whole thing some kind of party-like glow. Seeing as this image may be passed around quite a bit, I couldn’t help but throw my url into it. I think the pink “hoiland” came from Man Center’s lips.

So the three guys here look great. Or rather their expressions really make the photo work. The two ladies, on the other hand… well, I almost cropped’em out. Lady Right either hasn’t taken the shot yet or is immune to its face-scrinching effects. Lady Left… well, she’s not adding much to the party in this shot either. But I figured I’d keep’em in to reflect the event as it was, instead of how it may look best as a photo.

Man Left is comical. Man Blueshirt … I salivate when I see that expression. Not because he appears to be quite the saucy gentleman – it’s because all that citrus is exploding into his mouth and quelling the burn… which prompts some instinct in my salivary glands I guess. Man Center, well you can just about hear the cup hitting the bar. Great shirt too. Or at least under this (admittedly modified) light.

The background’s pretty neat. The bar’s got character with the dark stained wood covered in salt. The red in the napkin holder somehow really does it for me too.


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