Happy Birthday Dad!

By: Gustav Hoiland

May 16 2010

Category: portrait

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Biking the Badlands

Hey Pops, Happy Birthday! Given your frequent cycling trips as of late I just thought I’d dig one up from the archive for you to remember. A bit nicer than your commute, eh?

My favorite part about this image has to do with how it was shot. He’s biking, and that means mr. photographer is also biking. I’m used to composing images of relatively fixed objects (things, people posing, etc…) while standing, having the freedom to shuffle around a bit to get it right. But here! In order to keep him fixed I must be moving at the same pace, which can be a bit tricky on a sandy road while peering at a camera. This shot was before my DSLR (big’ol camera) days though, so I guess it’s not too difficult to look at the screen of a point’n shoot and bike.

Another thing to note – check out the horizon. Pretty smooth and straight until a head pops over it. That really draws the eye to the head. That wonderful head with its helmet… I suppose it’s as good as any other head with such a small level of detail. Looks like a cannonball just resting on the edge of the world.

Double thing to note – offset vanishing point. I like these more’n more when I see them now. I guess this one looks especially nice because we’ve got the journeyman, clearly moving towards the infinitely small destination where sky meets road.

Hope you get out for a spin today!

One comment on “Happy Birthday Dad!”

  1. Thanks Gus for the fun pic with offset vanishing point. My eye moves back and forth!

    I remember the fun you and I had exploring and running up and down that steep exposed trail on dried mud around those giant sculptures, just before biking back. Here’s a couple views I recall: http://wildphotosphotography.com/WildPhotos/SCENES/sheep_mountain_table.htm


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