By: Gustav Hoiland

May 15 2010

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Focal Length:38mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80


Ahhh, the lovely challenges of shooting hot water on a black background. I’ll leave the description of the process at that.

So it’s a square image. Whenever I see square now I immediately think Hasselblad, which leads me to think that a professional shot it, and it’s probably worth a look if it’s been shot (film costs), printed/scanned (more costs), or generally made the cut in the editing process. blah blah blah. This, my friends, is not Hasselblad created. Just the same’ol camera that I use for 95% of what’s up here. Just a square crop. Nothing but a quick software edit. Pretty exciting, right? I suspect I’m alone, or at least in small company, with this knee-jerk Hasselblad reflex.

Color-wise I’m something of a fan. I couldn’t quite get it to the place I really wanted. I suppose I had imagined something along the lines of the look in Calvin Klein print ads. I suspect I’d need to position the flash differently and also bathe in a tub full of body oil to get to that …spectrum. I do like how the hair turned out though. That might actually be my favorite part. Also the eyelashes help it along.

Aaaand, finally, I guess the tons of water droplets round the whole thing out. There’s the huge subject on the right, but instead of the rest being totally blank negative space, it’s full of specks of white. Above the head, below, to the sides, really all over the place.

Spent much time in the shower today.

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