T-Minus Two Hours

By: Gustav Hoiland

May 15 2010

Category: lensbaby

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80


Tonight’s the night that I set out to shoot my first video work for a client. Sort of. That could be restated as “I’m going to shoot for free in a nightclub and hopefully they’ll acknowledge what I give them.” I’m planning on making a video in the same style as my photo final on bike polo, with the jumpiness of low frame rates and the wonderful selective focus of a Lensbaby control freak lens (seen HERE).

While I don’t find this image to be stupendous, it’s a nice reminder that I can make something pleasing and at least somewhat unique with what’s in front of me at any given time. I see this as a flat plane (the brick wall) with all sorts of little objects resting on it. They each have their purpose and look as though they’ve been added throughout the years. Even the absence of an object that once was can be seen in the different amounts of wear on the brick itself.

This image must be viewed at a certain size for it to retain its meaning, which is found in the small letters that spell out THE ESTATE. That’s the most important thing here. The image wouldn’t exist if those letters weren’t there, as I doubt I would ever have shot it. A thumbnail of a portrait can still be used to identify the person in it despite a major loss of detail, but this photo wouldn’t retain its identity. It might transform into a pretty composition of shape and color, but it’d be nothing more.

Enough. Gotta shower, get dressed, and prepare for this 9:30-2am assignment.

One comment on “T-Minus Two Hours”

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