New Business Cards

By: Gustav Hoiland

May 13 2010

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One Night Design

Ahhh, business cards. I think I took’em for granted in China in part because I got 500 for about $8. In other part because I wasn’t meeting too many people that I had any use exchanging business cards with. Here in the USA things are a bit different, especially as I’ve been ramping up my photography which has led to talks with many creatives and others that I’d love to pass my contact info along to on something other than scrawled ink on a ripped out piece of notebook paper. So after class today the urge hit me and a couple hours later, this emerged (shown front & back/double side printed cards). They’re from, a site that was highly recommended by my former boss. I’m doing a cheap test run here, and might splurge on some better print quality for a bigger batch if the time comes.

Soooo, I was going for something eye catching. Something that I’d be proud to hand over. Something to start some kind of a conversation or at least illicit a “whoa.” How best to whoa? Hair! Or rather, that photo on the left. My hair is incredible there. I won’t even stray from saying that. That’s why I shot the photo in the first place. That Shanghai air just adds some kind of demonic volume to hair that you can’t bottle and sell. That’s the first photo I posted on this blog, I think about three months back when I started it. The second photo is… more hair! I figured I’d continue the theme of hair just for strangeness’s sake. Also, the second photo is (or was) my facebook profile picture, except with different text overlaid.

I like the sparseness of color on both sides. There’s some skin tone and some gold in the hair on the right, but other’n that the only color comes in the boxes and the “contact” word. Perhaps this is too much color to call it selective coloration, but … well, at least the contact word kind of fits that. I’m deeply in love with well-done selective color usage. The same former boss mentioned above had the most beautifully designed resume I’d ever seen, and lemme tell you. There was some highly impressive selective color going on in it.

I also particularly like how there’s no contact info on the first side. It’s pretty bare bones word-wise. It just says my name and that I’m a student. Behind my head emerges the Northeastern University seal, hopefully telling people that I’m a student there. I’d say I’m proud to be at this fine institution, but I don’t own a single shirt with that name or carry anything beyond my student ID that indicates it. Eh. I think it looks sweet here. And that’s the point. Straight Cool and Sweetness.

I’ve also tried to SEO it (search engine optimize) so that it’s the first image that google pulls up when my name is searched. Give it a month or two, it just might happen.


2 comments on “New Business Cards”

  1. Hey I am very inspired by your work, I was curious what University you attended too. If you could let me know that would be greatly appreciated and will be gladly waiting for a response.
    -Phelan Anufrijevas

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