Adorable Vandalism

By: Gustav Hoiland

May 07 2010

Category: street

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Focal Length:90mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80


Ahhh, this photo is just too cute. Well, maybe the subject is too cute. Perhaps it’s the cutesy face contrasted against the rigidity of the geometric patterns that dominate the rest of the frame that really tickles me.

While these straight and diagonal lines aren’t oppressive or dictatorial, they do represent some kind of structure that has a conservatism to it. It’s not the fence near my new apartment that looks like it’s been finger painted with all sorts of psychedelic muses with “transcendental meditation center” emblazoned across the top. These lines are not to be messed with, except perhaps by some pretty vines.

Also the color … gawrsh I love that color. The faint warmth of the bottom two pieces of siding against the cooler uppers. The whiteness of the stairs and the whiter snow atop it.

Also everything’s a bit dark here which gives it something of an ominous quality. It has been burned with some lens vignetting that makes the center more of a focal point. But to the left of that center,


(unless you see the graffiti as breasts and a blunt. I personally don’t see it as this because that combination is usually supported by a pile of cash, thus rounding out the desires of the gangsta [and perhaps much of society at large])

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