Fashion Moments

By: Gustav Hoiland

May 03 2010

Category: fashion

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Focal Length:52mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Maria Meets Red

Is this fashion? I only came to that conclusion when I started thinking of a title for it. There’s a certain obscurity to it. There’s a girl in a cute outfit in it. There’s some intense color and shape. There’s some very detaily garments and accessories. I vote fashion. I just wish the surrounding frame were darker so the whiteness of the left wouldn’t be lost so much/that’s an important part of the overall composition. Then again, thank you WordPress for giving me the tools to make this incredible site for so cheap.

This moment occurred whilst walking around with the gang at Franklin Park here in Boston. Had my camera not been in hand, I wouldn’t have been able to grab this. I saw her walk over to the doors, and then it hit me. Some impulse of “GUS SHOOT THIS NOW!” More and more, my favorite images come to me like this. If I don’t capture it candidly, or if my camera is packed away, I’ll often ask the subject to hold tight because they’re about to be part of something wonderful.

The division of space here is all kinds of interesting. The left third is all blown out white. The center third is red figure, and the third third is again red. But there’s this thin black line on the right. And above there’s a dark strip, passing just under her chin and ending in the white. So strange.

Also the limited colors are really working for me. Perhaps the best part is her red shoes that tie her into the background. Also, her shadow creates some unity with the shadow cast above.

Almost forgot – what’s going on here! Girl standing at windowless door, looking up to the right. What’s she looking at? Why’s she standing there? Where’d she come from? What is this place of brilliant white walls and doors with red louder than Satan’s? I don’t don’t know. It just happened, and,

Just had to shoot it.

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