Published: Boston Phoenix

By: Gustav Hoiland

Apr 30 2010

Category: bike polo


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Headless Jav

Ahhh, the joy of grabbing a paper from a curbside stand, flipping through it and landing on a photo of your own. A writer from the Boston Phoenix (similar to Vita.MN for the Minnesota gang) took an interest in polo over the past couple of weeks and put together an article covering it and some other bike related stuff going on in Boston. The full article can be seen HERE – Also, that page links to my polo video on Vimeo which is neat. It also has a “gallery of boston bike polo” photos or something, but that somehow got mixed up as they’re mostly from New York.

Photo-wise, I was asked for two shots that really encapsulated the whole polo scene here in Boston. I emailed the writer (met him a couple times at the court) this one and another, and voila! Into the paper it goes.

Photo-wise2, I quite like it. I’ve been trying to get the camera out at least once every time I play polo now. I’ve shot from the rail for too long, so now I scramble around the court and have lately been playing around with these low shots where I essentially throw my arm out in front of the players near the pavement and snap one off. I have practiced fairly extensively in non-viewfinder shooting, to the degree that I can zoom my lens in all the way and shoot from the hip and usually get a subject centered. Ramble ramble ramble…

Mostly I’m just trying to get shots that I haven’t seen before. There’s a lot of photographers in the polo scene making some really great work, but there’s a lot of styles of shooting that have yet to be explored. …This is one such style I’d like to believe. Or I just haven’t been scrounging the interwebs for polo photos enough lately.

Also this isn’t something I’d compose if I were setting up the shot. In a way it’s a happy accident, but I have been practicing this quite a bit and have been consistently getting some great results from it. Players’ bikes look huge since it’s shot so low, they themselves look intense and energetic since it’s all so close, I’ve been 1/30 second shuttering it for the motion, or selectively blurring them…

I don’t know. This image just stood out when I was flipping through some recent shots to email over to the’ol journalist.

2 comments on “Published: Boston Phoenix”

  1. Amazing photo! Way to keep the polo profile in the news.

  2. Your Bike Polo Tilt-Shift video is awesome!

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