Fellow Photographers

By: Gustav Hoiland

Apr 28 2010

Category: bike polo

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Focal Length:66mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Truck from the Trenches

Presento, Dumptruck. A very appropriate nickname. He may seem substantial because he’s being shot from below, but trust me. He’s built like a dumptruck. If you ever play bike polo with him, your shoulder will be at his hip. Hard to beat that.

This is a shot from a polo tournament in Milwaukee sometime last year. It was the first tournament that I had extensively photographed (both days, camera in hand most of the time). I eventually got a couple images published alongside a story covering the event in COG Magazine, a bike centric publication out of Milwaukee. Following the advice of my photo professor, I focused quite a bit on the non-gameplay aspects of the polo scene. Like other photographers! I still haven’t quite buddied up enough with everyone to shoot the incredible consumption of unapproved substances.

So yeah. We’ve got some nice lines bringing us into said Truck. All encompassing lines of cheap plywood. The simply constructed plywood that served as barrier between different courts (of which there were 3), hastily constructed and ultimately torn down. But now they bring us to the shooter. The shooter, standing so much taller than the boards, but here presented as small and delicate compared to the mighty cliffs that rise above him.

I guess I like how the color of the wood is the same as his skin tone. The gray of his shirt is like that of the light pole and the tennis net poles. The tiny red logo on his pants complementing the red of the strap on his camera (which means CANON, by the way). And the blackness. Lots of blackness.

Maybe I like his expression most of all. His stance. He is concentrating on getting a great photo just as much as I am. He’s studying the field, waiting for just the right moment to depress the button and capture some moment of glory or whatever he’s going for.

I love shooting polo stuff…


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