The Attacker’s Approach

By: Gustav Hoiland

Apr 22 2010

Category: bike polo

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Behind the Goalie

Today is my last full day of work for this semester. All I have left to do is finish up my final bike polo project, a video compiled from a couple thousand still frames for my advanced photography class. If it’s not up here tomorrow, watch for it soon. It’s similar to the first one I made, but … well, it’ll be different (original seen HERE). Bearing that in mind, this photo is really just a single frame from a sequence of about 50 or 70 shots. The challenge was to keep composition in mind when doing this motion stuff, enabling sweet shots like this to be created.

So we’ve got Johnny Midwest, Mr. 12, guarding an unseen goal with his life against the anonymous yellow attacker. And of course the focus here is that little black circle. Our eyes are drawn to it just as the players’. Despite the harsh lines on the court, zigging every which way, we’re able to pick up that tiny spot quickly. Number 12 is looking right at it. Anonymous Yellow is looking at it…maybe… at least he’s pointing his mallet towards it. Even his mallet’s shadow is pointing to it. So yeah. That’s happening.

Moving on to other details I most enjoy… the cyclist up top is pretty wonderful. Not much in him, actually, but more in the shadow which is quite detailed and… well I see the shadow cyclist going for a leisurely stroll among the towering trees, following perhaps a fence into the distance. Maybe I’m delusional. Maybe that helps bring more out. Speaking of the top part, we’ve got that nice, distinct sun flare going on. Those miniature bands of rainbow, only visible against the darks.

Finally, check out 12’s jersey. It goes from blown out white up top, to these kind of bluish midtones, rippling down his arm and back with darker shadows and … heck, all kinds of tone.

I don’t think a goal was scored.

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