Kristen’s Handmade Wonders

By: Gustav Hoiland

Apr 15 2010

Category: fashion

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The Red, White and Blue Tutu

(see the rest of the shoot on the “TUTU” page above!)

Shot up more of Kristen’s really spectacular garment work yesterday, this time in an improvised studio. With the help of an external flash and an umbrella, I present to you… well this splendid exposure.

What strikes me first is the convincingly professional look of the whole thing. I think because it’s on a black backdrop, something I’d never done before, it … well it looks so official. Everything is so well defined against the pure blackness of what’s behind, so separated from the real world. Also the lighting seems so elegant, or perhaps… well, totally different than sunlight or fluorescent bulbs. It’s soft, even, … I don’t know, somehow it just does it for me.

Nextly, that color! The supreme redness of that tutu is, in my book, way cool. With a complementing stripe of teal, matched to the leotard and the bow in the hair… and heck, the glitter and the beads and the the the the the

I’ll close with the pose. I don’t think I suggested it, maybe I did, certainly I don’t remember with conviction. Anyhoo, whatever happened, she bowed and I shot it. As a longtime practitioner of ballet, … well, she has impeccable posture and a demonstrated ability to bow very symmetrically.

Wait. Check out the light on those shoes/ribbons!

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