Polo Maria

By: Gustav Hoiland

Apr 11 2010

Category: fashion, portrait

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Focal Length:32mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Sunshine and Leather

Agh! The pains of dual monitors that aren’t color calibrated identically… This image is stunning on one, but vile and deathly on the other. Hopefully your monitor makes it shine.

So I came off the court, saw Maria, and was like wait! hold it right there. Grabbed camera, ticked off a couple exposures, etc… Got home, found this on the camera… lovely.

I’ll start with the expression. I was going for the whole deadpan look after a couple of the all-smiles shots. I have some lingering attraction to images like this after the deadpan assignment in my photo class… She’s not quite deadpan though, meaning total no-expression. It looks like she’s at least acknowledging the photographer. Maybe because it is shot from around her waist height. Maybe not.

Composition wise, I think it’s pretty excellent. The fence has some steep depth to it, creating a very 3D void behind her on the right. Her jacket is a dominant object on the left there, with her head placed nicely atop. Also the blackness of it is broken up by all of those bright zippers, just zigging around the contours of the leather. Even more to the left we have the flowing golden locks of Jamie, a poloite here in Boston.

Finally, the lit up hair. The sun is right behind her neck sorta, which is blowing out her fly aways. Mmm…

Just another polo widow (the girlfriends that follow there bo’s the the court)

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