Location Scouting

By: Gustav Hoiland

Apr 06 2010

Category: fashion

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Fashion Preview

Spent a morning over the weekend with Kris here, poking around Boston’s Arboretum (nothing compared to the wonders of Minnesota’s), trying to find some possible spots to shoot next week. She made a couple dresses/skirts/somethings for school (fashion design major) and she’s enlisted some models (/friends from school) and myself to go out and make some great images for her final review. Quite excited to go out and shoot a fashion project for the first time.

So what’ve we got here… Bridge rising to girl, tree branches descending to girl, sky providing great backdrop to girl, way cute dress dressing girl, shadow blackness enveloping said girl’s right toe, and on and on… And this just in!, some bandit has vandalized the bridge rail with a black felt tip pen, inscribing “LOVE YOURSELF.”  Fitting? I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it. I just noticed that. That, my friends, was not intentional. If you would like to discover this as I have, check out the left side of the bridge (CLICK FOR FULL SIZE IMAGE).

Next, let’s talk color. Do we have warm and cool here? By god yes! Yes we do! And it wasn’t entirely engineered by my post production. She’s donning the blue dress, sitting against a blue sky. She’s also sporting the blond hair and the caucasian human skin beneath the morning sunlight.  There’s some green in there too, and some brown/yellow in the bridge. But what I care about is that ever delightful interplay between warm and cool.

Finally, I added some lens vignetting to give it a somehow more dramatic look. To the photographers and users of Photoshop out there, you probably noticed this right away. To the rest of you, I suspect you noticed not. The top right corner of the image isn’t the focal point after all, but the fact that it darkens up there keeps your eye bound to the insides of the frame. I used to use this effect a lot more but got tired of it (though most every image I applied it to generally gained a couple “cool” points).

Fashion woooooo

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