By: Gustav Hoiland

Apr 03 2010

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Fishing for Freelance
…disregard the typo in the first poster

Ahh, business and photography. The end of the semester is near, and that means a couple hundred architecture students here at Northeastern University are making their final site models for class. These models tend to get the trash treatment shortly after they are presented, so that, my friends, is my opportunity. I haven’t been thinking too much about freelance work in the recent months, but this seems like a pretty solid experiment that could result in some handy cash.

Graphic design wise, I’m quite pleased with how these came out (over the last couple hours here, using Photoshop). I wanted to keep’em simple with a solid photo and the anticipated price right up front. The text colors are either black or sampled from the existing color in the photographs, which makes for some … I guess consistency in palette.

Business wise, I think it’s an opportunity way too valuable to pass up. Twenty bucks? Deal. Scroll up to the top right of the site and click on the ARCHITECTURE link to see what is essentially my product page. Clients get documentary shots (straight on, diagonal, birdseye etc…) and also some pieces straight from my creative eye. The details of how it’ll all work out (where, when, etc…) aren’t concrete, but that’s cool. It’s an experiment. I can only lose time here, as there’s zero cost (digital shooting, delivery, possibly even payment).

We’ll see.

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