Late Night New York

By: Gustav Hoiland

Mar 30 2010

Category: new york, street

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Beasts and the Pensive

Believe it or not, there’s plenty to see near midnight on a park bench in the thick of Manhattan, particularly in a place like Washington Square Park. What we have here is one such frame from said situation, one of many frames that focused on the girl in the red leather jacket. Why her? If I remember somewhat accurately, she was there for maybe 20 minutes, holding roughly the same posture, apparently soaking in the night and the street musicians (one had rolled an upright piano into the park) in solitude.

But Why? Was she waiting for somebody? Had she just left an event? Does she generally get dressed up all nice to sit on park benches and inspire intrigue in those l around her? Are any of these questions ones you would come upon, just looking at the photo having not been there?

So she’s clearly the focus of the photo, despite being a bit blurred. The hoodie clad gentlemen behind her has not a head, the woman to the left has no distinguishing detail, and … then there’s the beasts of the night. One is but a dark stain on the bottom left of the photo, while the other presents enough evidence for a case to be made that it is, indeed, a dog. Whatever they are, they appear to me as wild piles of muscle, leashed to their master as he roams through the night.

So there’s Girl Right, BeastMaster Center, and Nothing Left, except the distinctively blurred lights thanks to a Lensbaby tilt shifter.

Before leaving, I ripped a piece from a paper bag and scrawled my email address on it. I passed it along to Girl Right and told her to shoot me an email if she’d like to see a couple photos I had shot from across the way. She’s got’em now.

One comment on “Late Night New York”

  1. Indeed I do, and thank you. I’ll maintain this air of intrigue and not disclose why exactly I was there. Suffice to say that the piano player provided the ideal score to a magnificent New York night.

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