Early Hours Christmas

By: Gustav Hoiland

Mar 29 2010

Category: self portrait

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Focal Length:22mm
Shutter:6 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Self Portraits as Memories

I find myself making shots like this on a semi regular basis. It’s a self portrait made with the intention of preserving the moment for future remembrance, while still being a solid photo. This was Christmas morning 2009 at about 3AM. I stayed up late packing for the next day’s 6AM flight, and instead of grabbing an hour of sleep I decided to hop in that damned cute car and drive around the Lake of the Isles in a small blizzard. I ended up shooting a couple friends’ houses during the trip, and later printed them as late Christmas gifts. I wasn’t particularly close to either friend, but I guess the holiday spirit got to me, and cold-gifting ensued (similar to cold calling?). Now I wouldn’t be remembering any of this right now, were it not for this capture.

Photo-wise, I remember trying to get the door to be the stand-out part of this photo. It’s admittedly not very noticeable, but take a second and really look at the door. How strange! It’s huge! And it’s coming right out at you, shooting out of the plane that’s relatively defined by the side of the car at large. My hands don’t show it, but they’re near crippled in cold as a result of constantly repositioning the tripod and camera, adjusting the door, and sitting in the gusting winds so full of snow. Funny how no snow shows up here, but the car is covered in droplets.

The color is also interesting to me because it’s quite different from how everything looked that night. The low thick clouds were incredibly orange from the city’s incandescent light pollution, something that was pumped up even more on this road where the white snow picked up all of the street lights’ warm glow. Will I remember that aspect 10 years from now?

Anyhoo, that’s Gus Christmas Two Thousand Nine!

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