By: Gustav Hoiland

Mar 24 2010

Category: bike polo

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Stop Motion Tilt Shift Video of Boston Bike Polo

So I realized I never did link to the video I made sometime last week.  It’s just over two minutes of various footage that I shot over a Sunday afternoon of bike polo games and hanging out here in Boston.  Color was edited using Adobe Camera Raw with batch applications being performed by Adobe Bridge. It was stitched together into a movie file using Windows Movie Maker at 8 frames per second.  The footage was shot at about 3 frames per second, which was done by continuously shooting/holding down the button on my Nikon D80.  That great dreamy blurry stuff was achieved with a Lensbaby lens (the Control Freak model).

I will be making another movie like this for my final photography project for a class at Northeastern University.  It will hopefully be more purposefully sequenced and edited, with sound recorded on site and perhaps the inclusion of some portraiture.  This movie was more experimental, in that I tweaked colors until I thought they looked good, disregarding any real connection between the colors and the content.  We’ll see how that all turns out.

Until then, check it out!

One comment on “See”

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