Nick #17

By: Gustav Hoiland

Mar 23 2010

Category: bike polo

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Bench Minor Polo Tournament NYC

So I was at it again shooting in continuous sequences for later stop-motion videofication of my stills.  This is one such shot of approximately 6000 from the weekend.

What do I like most here?  I think it’s the overall softness of everything, thanks to not focusing entirely using the Lensbaby.  My favorite part is Nick’s bike in the very lower left corner.  It’s like some kind of an apparition, the bike made of nothing but blurred tubing and generally bike-shaped pieces that seemingly floats on the rather undefined playing surface.  Then on the right there’s all of the yellow jersey wearing players, heckling and screaming and engaging in all sorts of heightened emotions that are all but lost here in a sea what looks like a botched watercolor experiment.

Up top, almost the whole way across, are wonderful christmas-light-esque circles and ovals of all sorts of colors.  It’s all the spectators with their drinks on the top of the wall and who knows what else.

Compositionally it’s also working for me. Player on the left that really comes into the foreground/doesn’t feel flattened against the back wall nor the court.  To the right the yellowists are definitely further back than Man Left, but somehow in front of the final string of colors.  Perhaps their yellowness (a warm color) makes them pop out/seem to come forward.  But I think the shadow lines on the court that come from the yellow sector disappear behind Man Left and keep him front and center (or left).  Finally there’s the dark wall that is nicely tilted, so as to increase the dynamicity of the photo (perhaps things would feel more anchored if it were a solid horizontal line).

Great tournament, by the way!

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