Chess, Falafel and the Arch

By: Gustav Hoiland

Mar 22 2010

Category: lensbaby, new york, street

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80


So this is why I haven’t posted anything in the past couple weeks.  Been livin’ large in ‘ol New York. This is the most wonderful view that greeted me every morning as I crossed the threshold, polo bike in hand, to the streets of lovely Manhattan.

This was shot with the same Lensbaby lens that I have played around with previously (in New York), making all kinds of fun with focus and blur.  Notice how the string of lights up top aren’t blurred into circles, but rather a sharp ellipse.  Also, the storefront on the left is… well, it looks skewed and motion-ey, but it’s just plain ‘ol illuminated panes of glass.

So the Arch here is what’s in focus.  That and the Falafel sign I guess (delicious, by the way).  But the arch is what’s up.  It’s the defining characteristic of this photo, giving it an unmistakable location to those in the know.

Those further in the know will recognize the knight on its little pedestal, a sign of sorts for the store which is purely chess chess chess.  Just like two other stores on that same block.  Weird, but that’s New York.

So really this is just an image that makes me yearn for hanging out in New York, or rather remember the times I’ve spent up there, standing on that stoop fiddling for the keys in the late night before dropping into slumber, just seven stories above.

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