Washington Square Park

By: Gustav Hoiland

Mar 09 2010

Category: fashion, new york, portrait

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Focal Length:80mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Sydney's Spring Sun

This kind friend bought the gang wonderful bagels for breakfast and in return the sunlight shineth down.  I’ve been photographing friends more often as of late, in part due to my reading of a contemporary photography book that discussed the intimacy of photos of friends/of people by someone who is part of the group. As a result, gems like this have been popping up more and more.

That being said, I’ve worked the image over a little bit to make it more to my liking, which kind of robs it of the errors that arise from the spontaneity of unplanned snapshots (unlevel horizons, poor composition, etc…).  It was cropped a bit to get that right hand into the corner with the thumb and pinky ever so close to the frame but not touching.  Her bag was removed/plastered over with pavers from other parts of the image (was originally below her right hand).  As with most photoshop removing, you’d never know it was done because it usually involves a very dead part of the photo. I mean, you’d never look at those blurry tiles.  Even if you study them now, unless you work as a retoucher you probably wouldn’t be able to tell where the bag once was.

The color was also warmed up and almost black&white’d (virtually no color, though all the darks are very brown)… perhaps monotoned I guess.  There’s still some blue in the jeans in the back and some green in her earrings.

Spring in New York… Love it.

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