Dance Night

By: Gustav Hoiland

Mar 02 2010

Category: fashion


Prep Time

This is a shot from a series that I’m doing this week for a class assignment with the theme “intimate life.”  It’s essentially a set detailing some part of what goes on in my life, shot informally and hopefully capturing the undertones and emotions that abound in day to day life. I personally think this is wildly successful in that regard.  Two damned pretty women just hanging out and talking in a very unglamorous apartment before hitting the town.

Perhaps the most striking element here is the lighting, which has Girl Left in a very warm and dimmer light and Girl Right under very much brighter lights. They’re actually the clear bulbs all lined up on the top of the mirror, much like actors have in dressing rooms, which is quite fitting here.  Notice how Girl Right is held within the door frame, both the more illuminated and sharper-lined left side of the frame as well as the dark, blurred-edge frame that forms the right side of the entire composition.  There’s something about looking through doorways (or windows, hedges, etc…) that gives photos a special look… I remember reading about it somewhere, I guess it was a visual element first introduced in 15th century Irish painting… ok don’t take that to heart, I really don’t remember.

Next, the mirror play here is excellent.  We see Girl Right much more completely in her reflection which is highly blurred.  We see her left arm in crisp focus (see the sleeve polkadots? Compare them to the ones in the mirror), which is roughly the same distance away from the camera as Girl Left which is also focused.  That left arm is… not sure what it does, but it really makes the photo for me.  It gives me the feeling of peering around a corner, inches at a time, just trying to see what’s around there.

I could go on forever. In short, check out the light coming down on Girl Left. Notice the depth created behind her as the hallway ends in blackness 20 ft down.  Notice the similarities in dresses.  The smaller details of painted nails and rings.

3 comments on “Dance Night”

  1. IMHO you’ve got the right awsner!

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