Tilted Perspective

By: Gustav Hoiland

Feb 20 2010

Category: china, self portrait

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80


This is a double-take-inducing picture if I ever saw one.  “Oh look man standing… waaaaaaitaminute…” I think I was planning on taking a straight-on photo of myself but I couldn’t get the camera to sit level on a railing.  So this was the compromise.

Compositionally I think it’s quite interesting.  There’s a definite pull to the left, very gravitational.  That poster is falling off out of the frame.  I’m doing my best staying upright, but the real prize there is the tilt of the head.  If my head were in line with my body, I don’t think the pull-y effect would be as great.  It’s as if I’m straining to stay upright, leading with my cranium.  Also, my left arm is perfectly perpendicular to the ground – look how it lines up with the lines in the bricks.  I especially like how the top left corner just falls off into complete darkness while the top right has that reflection of something bright.

Pink bricks, man.  That’s so very Chinese to me.  Also the decaying sign on the left… all sun bleached and ripped up.  Finally the brick sidewalk… tons of that in Shanghai.

One last observation.  Look at my legs and then at my arms. All I have showing down low is about half of my shins… makes’em look really tiny and somehow compressed.  Up top I have some tiny sleeves that cause my arms to look super long.  Tiny little stubby legs with elongated, flowing arms.  It just strikes me odd I suppose.


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