Lensbaby (2) NEW YORK

By: Gustav Hoiland

Feb 14 2010

Category: lensbaby, new york, street

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Broadway Blurred and Bright

So today I shot about 4500 photos, in sequence, over an hour and some odd minutes.  They were shot on a walk through SoHo in New York City, a long slow walk with the camera pressed against my skull with the shutter button held down.  My camera can shoot about 150 lower-quality JPG files at about 3 frames per second before it has to quit shooting and process all of it.  So I’d walk about 50 feet with a couple clicks per step, then stop and let my arms rest and the camera catch up, and then repeat repeat repeat.  Most importantly, this is all being shot with the Lens Baby selective focus lens that I am manually changing/refocusing for every exposure in real time.  The effect is… well, you’ll see it when it’s done.

I’m processing it all using Adobe Camera Raw, in which I pick an image, play with the colors/brightness/contrast/etc, apply that setting to 100 or 200 of the images, and then change everything up for the next batch.  I’ll use Windows Movie Maker to stitch it all together at about 8 frames per second, for a final product that shows SoHo’s sidewalks, people, buildings, dogs, etc… in all kinds of wonderful color variety.  Hopefully it’ll be all finished up tomorrow sometime, and from there I’ll YouTube it and link to it here.

Which all brings me to the above photo.  First of all it’s a big leap away from yesterday’s posting that was full of huge light bubbles and darkness and whathaveyou.  Here we’ve got a wide range of bright splashes of color, from the yellow and aqua on the left to the different shades of red brick on the right.  The man in the black with the yellow gloves grounds the whole thing – he’s the most in-focus thing we’ve got and he’s … well he’s very symmetrical and dark and … who knows.  Either way, the entire world around him is blurring into oblivion.

For me, this shot captures the energy and hustle bustle that lives on New York’s streets. Big crowds of people just plowing away, going thousands of different places all on the same little piece of land.  This was all amplified when I was shooting this, since I was walking in slow motion trying to keep steady and balanced while the masses flowed around me, the rock in their stream.

I just happened to come upon this frame while checking through what I’ve edited so far and it popped out at me.  There are many, dozens, hundreds among the 4500 exposures today that … well they’re wonderful.  NEW YORK

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