What’s Up There? (2)

By: Gustav Hoiland

Feb 07 2010

Category: party

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Pointing to the Light 2

Now here’s a different take on the universal “I’m at a Party” sign (pointing upwards).  Unlike yesterday’s, this is more likely candid – shot from the waist with no eye contact.  The color is … less.  The girls are boys, and the flash bounced on a surface that the camera was aimed at.  Looks like it’s burned out on the top, but that’s just the radius of the flash.

But what is seen first in this? I think it’s the ceiling light. That beautiful beige… circle… on the ceiling.  If that is seen first, is Man Left seen second as you follow his arm down?  Or is Man Right seen, since we generally read photographs left to right.  In subsequent lookings, I’ve been sighting Man Left first, following up to the light, and then down Man Right.

What could cause such a reaction by them?  Man Left definitely has his eyes locked on something, to our left it feels like.  Man Right… I don’t know.  Did someone drop a glass, with Man Left staring them down while Man Right looks at the new mess on the carpet?  Why has Man Left raised his arm?  Perhaps someone asked whose fault the incident was, and Man Left, always quick on his feet, said “Why it’s the Ceiling Light’s fault, of course.”  …this is getting out of control.

To calm my nerves I just checked facebook, and Man Left had just updated his status declaring “p@rt@y,” and his profile picture is from this very event, perhaps a couple seconds before or after this – in the same positions with Man Right, only its uncandid and shot from eye level.

Man Left and Man Right (click here)

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