What’s Up There?

By: Gustav Hoiland

Feb 06 2010

Category: party

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Focal Length:58mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Pointing to the Light

Is this the universal sign for “I’m at a party”?  Knees bent, arm pointing to the heavens, or… a halogen ceiling light. People take a break from normalcy in parties, and when a camera is introduced… well it’s pose-city. Gone are the boring fake smiles (punishable by death… I wish).  Instead, people light up and go crazy.  OK some people do this.  They’re the fun ones. Maybe. I feel like I’m constructing my theory of party photography off of this single photo.  And tomorrow’s shot, which will be very similar. Parties = people photography in close quarters… veeeeery interesting.

So we’ve got a flash bounced off the ceiling on a high enough shutter speed to darken out the rest.  Notice the brightest spot here is on the refrigerator (reflection of where the flash hit the ceiling).  And I think that’s the second thing you see here.  First you see the back of the girl’s head.  You might check out her scarf while you’re there.  But then your eyes dart either straight to the raised hand or first to the red eyes, then up the arm to the hand.  What I can’t figure out is whether or not that bright spot has any power leading the eyes to the hand since there’s so much other stuff going on here.  Finally you’ll notice the blurred girl in the red dress way in the back.  Upon further inspection you might see Blue Girl’s earrings.

And the color. Oh the color!!  Those two blues that within themselves variate between darkers and lighters, with the shirt fading into the abyss near the bottom of the frame.  Then there’s that wonderful brown hair, all held and twisted around so crazy.  That might be the most energetic part of the whole bit.  Finally (again), that red dress in the background.  There’s some sublter colors, like the dark brown hair of Hand-Raised Girl and the orange on the vent from the light up top.

That light.  On my part that’s a pure coincidence.  It lines up perfectly with where she’s pointing.  I feel some sense of energy in that space between the tip of the finger and the light.  It’s just… what is it?  Her finger is blurred a bit, the light is blurred, and there’s the darkness between them.  Yet there’s definitely some connection there.  They’re made for each other. Some invisible fishing line between’em or something.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s fate.

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