Thirteen Days of Blue Horizons

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jan 26 2010

Category: ocean travel

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:3.6 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

20 Knots Hourly

Thar she blows, the incredible wind 100 feet above the Pacific Ocean.  Except you can’t see it since there’s nothing flapping or otherwise being blown in the frame, though the man behind the camera is rapidly losing body heat in the infinite windiness of open ocean.  I always like imaging the photographer in any given shot, probably loaded up with all kinds of gear with the blackness of a DSLR firm on a tripod and … there’s just something romantic or adventurous about it I guess.

This is a very cold photo for the most part.  Except for the circle of warmth on the right that isn’t incandescent light, but rather fluorescent photons bouncing off of some Cherry veneer in the hallway.  To the left there’s endless deep ocean and beautiful clouds above, looking the same as it does now as it has for millions of years.  To the right there’s home – a hot shower, a made bed, even near silence.  But what’s forward, through the black passageway?

Notice the depth here.  That hand railing on the left is so close you could just grab the cold white-painted steel.  The brightest part of the photo is surrounded by the black of the… it’s not a threshold, it’s some in-between piece of structure I guess.  Whatever it is, it emphasizes the brightness beyond it.

Finally, this ship is huge, and it’s chugging along at over 20 miles per hour for the whole two-week crossing (San Francisco to Kaohsiung, Taiwan).  According to some metadata this was a one second exposure.  Notice the distance traveled in the blur in the water – and mind you this is about 100 feet above it.

Whatever’s going on here, it really brings me back to being on that ship. (Google image search “LT Cortesia” for photos of the ship) or click here.

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