Bike Polo Spring Break

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jan 20 2010

Category: bike polo, fashion

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Pretty at the Polo Courts

Gall darn she’s pretty.  That’s the most common first comment I get about this image.  I agree she looks great in this capture, but… photos lie.  I love hearing this kind of stuff that challenges what we see in images from photographers.  Somehow it makes the image so much more real or… I don’t know, it brings it down to earth. It also makes it more personal in a way since you’re talking with whoever made the composition and clicked it. You learn that this is just one of a dozen images he shot of that same girl sitting in that same truck with that gaze that isn’t easily figured out.  What a creeper eh?

Moving on, I love all of the little details in this image that begin to reveal some kind of a story.  Believe it or not, this was shot at a bike polo tournament.  On a beach (parking lot). See the mallet by her right hand, the bike helmet in the truck, the bike leaning against the car (and the reflection of another bike in the right panel).  Also, the color… oh the color!  It has the combination of blue and yellow/warmth that so delights me.  The woman’s sweater matches the sky perfectly and her hair the horizon and the grass, her pants blue like the van.

And finally that expression.  I read recently somewhere about how great photographs are hard to figure out or even impossible to reach conclusions about. That’s why you keep looking at them day after day, bringing new theories to them or digging deeper into the… who knows.  This whole element of the photograph I think is most commonly introduced by peoples’ expressions (why’s the Mona Lisa so popular?), and until I start shooting more people, most of my work will fall short of having that intriguing mystique.

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