Container Ship Travel

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jan 14 2010

Category: ocean travel

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Cortesia in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

One of my favorites from my time aboard the container ship LT Cortesia on which I was a passenger for about 20 days (Los Angeles to Hong Kong with a couple stops).  I’ve played with the colors a twee bit in ACR, warming the sky up to create the yellow/blue combo that I quite like (between the mountain/clouds and the open sky).  I also it cropped into its current wideness.  I like the depth created by having part of the bridge of the ship on the left of the frame which fit in so nicely with the diagonals of the cranes.  For a sense of scale, don’t look to the two little boats crossing on the left, but rather the blip beneath the third big ship from the right – or remember each container is about the size of an 18-wheeler’s trailer and that these boats are about 330 meters long.

If you see a “Made in Taiwan” sticker on a product there’s a good chance it was here at some point.

One comment on “Container Ship Travel”

  1. wow, the scale is so interesting. those are some massssssive ships.
    beautiful photo!

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